Friday, December 10, 2010

Sittin' on the corner of Nowhere Road

I don't know if anyone has slept out on the street in the middle of a blizzard in early March in midtown New York City.  I have.  For two whole nights.  No, i wasn't doing research for an Urban Studies class at Columbia, i was a political science and history major with a concentration in pre-modern European history.  Needless to say there was no homelessness or research involved in my decision to sleep on concrete in a windchill that hit -27degrees.  The reason for my rash behavior was simple, a 10 year love affair with something bigger and more beautiful than i could ever find in anything else, Hanson's music.  You can go ahead and laugh.  The typical reaction when people find out I'm a Hanson fan is to laugh and say, "oh are they still alive?" "they're still touring?" Yes, they haven't died and they are still making music.  Go ahead and mock all you want, i have always been proud of this love affair. I've spent a lot of money (though not nearly as much as some of the more hardcore fans), I've traveled to places i never knew existed, I've slept on the street, I've been cold, I've been hot, I've been pushed and shoved, I've broken up fights, I've made incredible friends, and most of all, I have grown along with this band and can truly say they are not only incredibly talented and passionate, but they also try to do good in this world, how many twenty-somethings do you know that do that? So this is my story.  I've considered writing a book about it but i honestly don't have time or energy for a second full time job.  So this blog will do.  I've experienced being Homeless for Hanson because it is one of the only two ways that going to their show is all about the music.  Either you fight your way to front row to have nothing but air between you and the music (yes you will have fans shoving against you, but at least there they're only behind you and not in every direction, which i have experienced and let me tell you it is not pleasant), or you hang out in the back and dance like a maniac with your friends the whole time.

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